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My name is Drew Hunthausen, and when “Life Happens To You”…
I know what it feels like to say “Why Me?”.
I’ve endured tragedy and loss that most can’t imagine.

At age 11, I contracted bacterial meningitis, a menacing disease that ravaged my young body.

About 10 days into the ordeal, the doctors told my parents I would either die or be a vegetable on a feeding tube for the rest of my life. Given this bleak outlook, I fought extraordinary odds.

I spent nearly five months in the hospital …

I underwent several surgeries, lost all of my vision, all of my hearing in the left ear and some on the right and had significant nerve damage in my legs. When I came home from the hospital I couldn’t even sit-up in bed by myself. I spent 7 years in physical therapy learning to walk again. I had to learn Braille and how to navigate this world as a blind and hearing impaired person. In the midst of it all I endured, persevered, and survived – largely because of the wonderful help and inspiration of others.

It is now my heart’s desire to share the life-giving lessons from my story in hope that I can help you live the extraordinary, “No Excuses” life you desire and deserve.

I share these lessons as a tribute to those who stood in the gap for me, as they worked tirelessly to encourage me and help me in all my areas of need. Who pushed me to do things and be involved even though I couldn’t see or hear much of what I was experiencing. Who gently rubbed my back and cried with me when I was afraid. Who supported me and encouraged me to continue writing, speaking, and when I announced I wanted to be a blind and hearing-impaired tri-athlete.

Yes, I have wondered if I really would be able to make my way in life, if I really do have what it takes.

But, I have learned that excuses get you nowhere, and you never give up! I want to share my story and these lessons with you, so you can be inspired to live your extraordinary life, so that you can learn to wake up each day and decide what kind of day you are going to have, a day filled with disappointments and excuses, or a day filled with gratitude and promise.

In the midst of the journey, the wonderful truth I have come to know is that the hand we are dealt is never the one we envisioned for ourselves, but with the grace of God and the help of others it is a hand we can learn to play with joy, peace, and prosperity!

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I look forward to having you along with me on this journey we call life. We will be inspired together to truly know and understand that the best is yet to come!

Drew Hunthausen,
“No Excuses Blind Guy – Inspirational Speaker”

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You’ll Discover How To…

  • Make a decision each morning to have a good day, no matter what challenges and misfortunes it may bring, and thrive through the challenges and change the world because of them.
  • Identify the excuses you make in all areas of your life, both conscious and unconscious, and discover strategies to stop the ones that are keeping you from living an abundant life!
  • More easily trust others and stop taking on life’s challenges alone.
  • Adopt an abundant life philosophy as this is a journey we take together and we all need help from friends, family, associates and connections so you can see another door open even as one is being shut.
  • Discover and sustain joy, gratitude, and prosperity in your life, allowing you to combat and overcome your deepest fears.
  • Attract more of what you want. Discover that what you believe and focus on throughout your day, as evidenced by your thoughts, words, and actions, determines what you attract into your life.

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